23rd Annual Song Contest Results

San Diego Songwriter’s Guild 23nd Annual Song Contest was held Monday, November 3, 2014 at the La Jolla Brewing Company. The contest is a popular tradition for San Diego writers, and offers a unique opportunity to hear a tremendous cross section of local work by San Diego songwriters. Prize winners were selected by a panel of industry professionals, During the evening song entries were played for both judges and audience to hear. After all the songs were listened to, winners were announced, and prizes awarded.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the 23th annual song contest.  All the songs entered were amazing.  San Diego definitely has a lot of talent. Here is an overview of the song contest…


  • Justin Froese – Finally Here
  • [audio:http://sdsongwriters.org/song-contest/submissions/justin-froese-finally-here/03%20Finally%20Here.mp3]
  • Morgan Leigh and Paul Coughlin – T.R.O.U.B.L.E
  • [audio:http://sdsongwriters.org/song-contest/submissions/paul-coughlin-t-r-o-u-b-l-e/Trouble.mp3]
  • Andre Hoth – Clouds
  • [audio:http://sdsongwriters.org/song-contest/submissions/andre-hoth-clouds/28%20-%20Clouds.mp3]
Honorable Mention
  • Steve Petersen – Wrangler Man
  • Savannah Philyaw – U & I
  • Chuck Cater – Sister of the Girl Next Door
  • Morgan Leigh, Paul Coughlin – Free
  • Chuck Cater, Kathy Cronin – Game of Lies
  • Michael Crossman – Every Time You Go Away
  • Tim Yancey – Just wanna live my life
  • Susan Addams, Jim Pulsifer – Restoration Road
  • Jon Kayden Hall –I am Loved
  • Stacy Kim Johnston, Rolf Gehrung – Come Back Home


Also, our thanks and appreciation to the judges for their time and willingness to be a part of this event.  They did an excellent job.

  • Craig Goldy
  • Diane Waters
  • Marc “Mookie” Kaczor
  • Peter Dyson


Thank You for the contest sponsors for their generosity and support


Finally, great appreciation for the volunteers who gave their time and effort to make this event happen.
  • Mark Hattersley
  • Diane Waters
  • John Pape
  • Jeff Caldwell
  • Stacy Johnston
  • Mike Wojinak
Get your songs ready for next years song contest.

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