Tim Mudd

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Tim Mudd

Tim Mudd is a singer, guitarist and songwriter from the southeast of
England. Having moved to southern California in his early twenties,
he spent the following decade honing his craft between his formative
band and solo ventures that found him touring through North America and Europe. During this time he also solidified his reputation as a
seasoned open mic host, competition judge and in 2010 was Arbitron
rated #1 at night as an on-air personality for KyXy 96.5FM.
Most recently, the majority of Tim’s creative output has laid with the
Americana group For Strangers & Wardens, which he co-founded
with Wisconsin native Cody Williams.
Besides his musical work, Tim is also an accomplished writer, designer, voice-over artist and journalist of his local music community. Every now and again, he also enjoys taking the odd photograph.