SDSG Event: Speed Dating For Writers, Performers and Engineers

studiowest-711994This is a MEMBERS only event. Admission is Free to current SDSG members. Please note you must RSVP, as openings are limited.

Note: If you would like to participate in this event and your membership has expired you will need to renew your membership.  To join or renew your annual membership dues please go to the  If you need to know your membership status please contact us.


On Monday, April 7, 2014, SDSG and Studio West’s The Recording Arts Center (TRAC) will be hosting a session geared towards songwriters and performers who are looking for a way to start recording or take their work to the next level.

At 7PM, a talented group of TRAC recording engineer/producer students will be on hand at Studio West’s beautiful facility in Rancho Bernardo. Ranging in experience and interests, these engineers will meet with you, on a one-on-one basis, to see how their personal talents and goals might mesh with your musical abilities, sensibilities and aspirations. This session offers a tremendous opportunity for you to start a relationship that will, depending on your needs, help you document your works in a recorded form or take your recordings to the next level.

If you have never recorded professionally or are looking for a way to enhance your productions, this session is for you. What will emerge from the session is guided only by you and the guest engineers, but could range from a low- or no-cost guitar-vocal song demo to help with your own home studio project to a full-fledged production at Studio West. Regardless, having this group of engineers assembled and ready to talk provides you with an opportunity that is not to be missed

Each Writer/Performer participant will have the chance to speak and share music with each Engineer. Writer/Performer participants should bring their lyrics, voice, instrument or a recording to the session so participating Engineers can understand the Writer/Performer’s musical direction. All participants will be able to get a feel for other participants’ interests and abilities, and to exchange contact information with an eye towards future joint endeavors.

Because of the nature of this event, entry will be limited to the first 15 SDSG Members who register on-line in advance.


Event Location:

Studio West
11021 Via Frontera, Suite A,
San Diego, CA 92127


Monday April 7, 2014


Doors will open at 6:30 and the event begins at 7PM sharp. Come early and network!


The evening begins with you and the audio engineers arriving between 6:30 and 7:00 PM.  Songwriters can network in Studio West lobby area..

The session will open with a brief joint session with comments from SDSG followed by remarks from Studio West summarizing the programs at Studio West and the training the engineers/producers have been receiving.

Then the participants will move into individual rooms with boom boxes, headphones or other playback capability, spaces where each engineer can “hole up” and have writers come to him or her.

Per a predetermined schedule, songwriters will rotate every 7-10 minutes

Session ends about 10PM

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