SDSG 2007 Contest Winners

We heard great music, got to listen a generous helping of each song, and everyone who entered was a winner, thanks to Bridget’s prescient decision to bring along one extra Award Certificate. The top songs demonstrated the very high caliber of work being done by our members. The vibe was relaxed, and the Chicken Pie Diner provided a pleasant ambiance for our gathering. We had great support from our SDSG Crew and Judges. Thank you all. It was a group effort, nicely done.

SDSG 2007 Contest Winners

  • Steven Ybarra – Platinum – “Love, Love, Love”
  • Linda Sargent – Gold – “Oxygen”
  • Diane Waters & Jason Brawner – Silver – “Starting Now”
  • Diane Waters – Bronze – “Old Movies”

SDSG Awards of Excellence in Alphabetical Order:

  • Eric Rumble – “Our Love”
  • Charlie Miller – “Racing Hearts”
  • Janet Snare & John Downing – “Flirting in a Foreign Language”
  • Jory Lyle – “Everything”
  • Michael Crossman – “She’s the Woman” & “Truck Drivin’ Man”
  • Candice & Stuart Graham – “Wind of Change”

Special thanks to our Sponsors (in alphabetical order):

SDSG Associates & Board Members

  • Tamarra Westagte
  • Janet Snare
  • Richard Widney
  • Tim Turner
  • Rick Munoz

Panel of Industry Professional Judges:

  • Josquin Des Pres (TrackStar Studios),
  • Alex Alcocer (MusicMart USA),
  • Caleb Keiter (Studio West),
  • Bridget Brigitte (Bionic Sisters Productions)

and finally to our MC and DJ from Raging Bohemian Productions

  • Mark Charles Hattersley

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