Diane Waters Wins 2008 SDSG Song Contest

Diane Waters, veteran SDSG Member and last year’s Song Contest Gold Award winner took home Platinum at the 17th Annual San Diego Songwriters Guild Song Contest with her song “Better Things,” co-written with and produced by Doug Stokes. An up tempo crossover country tune with a hot melody and Diane’s typically exceptional lyrics, this song captured a high score from each of our judges, putting Diane and Doug over the top in 2008. Congratulations to our winners, who took home $500 and a sixhour recording session at Studio West as their reward.

Close on the heels of Ms. Waters and Mr. Stokes, was Sara Petite with her Gold Award winning song “Flying in Your Dreams” followed by Kirk Cumming with “Nothing in Common,” this year’s Silver Award winner. Our final top award, the Bronze Award, went to Diane Waters and Jason Brawner for “Crawling.”

This year, six Song of Merit Awards were presented, going to Ryan Hiller for “Insatiable,” Linda Sargent Brown for “Cloudless” and “Hold On,” Sara Petite for “Dead Man Walking,” Joan Kurland for “Right Kind of Wrong, and Paul Moeller for his hilarious “It’s Xmas Time Again.

Overall, the evening was a rousing success, with entries ranging across the universe of musical styles and structures, and a great panel of judges who listened intently to every song. Bob Duffy, Ren Daversa, Steven Ybarra, Thomas Di Noto, and Tim Mudd were this year’s judges, and we sincerely thank them for a job well done.

Board Members John Pape, Karen Real, Richard Widney, and Tim Turner, assisted by SDSG Associate Barby Hattersley, were each instrumental in the show’s success. These hard-working Board Members diligently ran the sign-ins, organized the entries and handled the housekeeping chores as the judges reviewed our contestants’ songs. Mark Hattesrley served as the Contest MC and handled sound for the event.

Over the course of the evening, participants had the opportunity to both hear their peers’ writing and shoot the breeze with like-minded musicians and writers. Thanks to everyone who entered and attended our 2008 Song Contest. Please drop SDSG a line if you have any comments or suggestions for future events, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you are interested in working with SDSG’s Board of Directors in 2009.

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