26th Annual Song Contest June 3rd, 2018

SDSG’s 26th Annual Song Contest will be held Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

There are some minor updates to the rules and procedures that you should take note.

  • First, participants can no longer submit by mail or In person at the door. This year you must submit your song online.
  • Second, you can only enter one song so make it your very best song.
  • Third, the entry fee structure has been simplified. There is a flat fee of $20 for all contestants to enter the contest.  This fee also includes admission to the live event to contestant and one additional guest.

These modifications from the last contest still apply

  • We believe that it is important to honor those who write winning songs .It is really a let down when someone wins and the songwriter is not present. We are requiring that the actual songwriter be present to accept any prizes or awards. If you are not there, your song will be automatically disqualified.
  • We want to make sure that this is a local song contest. Therefore all participants must be current resident of San Diego County.  We are not looking for people out of Los Angeles, Austin or Nashville. We want to keep the contest local. We have plenty of great talent right here in our own town.
  • Forth, previously any Platinum winner was not allowed to enter the contest. We have modified the rules where any Platinum winner only needs to sit out two consecutive contests before they can again participate in the contest. Once two contest have passed Platinum winners can again submit a song.

For complete detail on how to enter and contest rules go to the song contest page.

We are also in the process of securing judges and prizes for the contest. As these become available they will be included on the song contest page. Please visit to keep up to date.

The contest is a popular tradition for San Diego writers, and offers a unique opportunity to hear a tremendous cross section of local work. Prize winners are to be selected by a panel of industry professionals in this exciting event, during which song entries are played for both judges and audience to hear. Songs will be heard, winners will be announced, and prizes awarded on this jam packed night, an exciting prospect indeed. If you are a songwriter, or a producer or artist looking for some new material.

For complete detail on how to enter and contest rules go to the song contest page.

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