20th Annual Song Winners for 2011

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 20th annual song contest. The song were amazing. A lot of talent amongst our group.

  1. Lindsey White Ring Around the Roses
  2. Sara Petite Ashes
  3. Lindsey White & Veronica May Oh My
  4. Miff Laracy The One the Road Leads To
  5. Tim Mudd Trouble On The Vine
  6. Rick Harchol I Believe in Love
  7. Brian Darnell Gone
  8. Brian Darnell Lookin Like Rain
  9. Kendrick Dial Eryka Hill
  10. Dennis J Whitener Leave A Memory
  11. Jim Arnegard Empty Cup
  12. Kathy Keogh Hurts Shake It Til it Hurts
  13. David Cavanaugh Coins
  14. Michele Shipp Beyond These Walls
  15. Kathy Keogh Any Fool Could See It
  16. Christine Williams Eyes Like Lightning
  17. Kendrick Dial Wake Up
  18. Dennis J Whiterner After All
  19. Guy Greco Paradise Tonight
  20. Dave Cavanaugh Lucifer’s Train
  21. Marshall William Hattersley Ode to the Christmas Truce of 1914
  22. Michele Shipp Revealed

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