Brian Lucey – What Makes A Great Song? October 20th 2015

Date / Time: Tuesday October 20th, 2015 6:30 pm

Venue: Mainstream Bar & Grill 13385 Poway Road Poway

Admission: Free to all current SDSG members. Non member pay $5 at the door.

Opening Discussion and Q&A with Brian Lucey – Mastering Engineer of multiple certified Platinum selling albums, Grammy winners and Aria (AUS) winners, formerly Producer/Mixer/Singer/Guitarist/Pianist.

His credits include The Black Keys, Dr. John, Arctic Monkeys, Counting Crows, Ray LaMontagne, Grace Potter, Beck, Lydia Loveless, Chet Faker ….. and the list goes on!

Learn from the Master……yes the pun is intended!  As a mastering engineer who hears over 200 new songs a month and as many as 500 unique artists in a year, Brian Lucey is in a unique position to share valuable insights with us!  We look forward to asking him what he sees and hears consistently in songs that make the great ones stand out from the rest.  We songwriters want to know!

Opening Discussion:

  • Content of the song:  tone and texture vs. structure and content vs. artist and character vs. leadership and stardom.  The Cocktail.
  • Songwriting principles:  Objective Truths, style not the issue.
  • Ability to connect with the audience:  the Message is partly the Messenger.
  • Ways to separate great songs from the average ones as a songwriter:  Sufficiency and Necessity, working from Silence.
  • What to do once you think you have a great song:  Recording and Production strategy
  • Advice for songwriters from Brian:  How to Get what you want by Giving what they Need.

Q&A with Brian Lucey, open to any and all topics.

Brian Lucey’s Background

Brian was a professional guitarist and singer at 18 in NYC, then a student of Robert Fripp and Guitar Craft in his 20s.  He later became a tracking engineer, mixing engineer and eventually rock producer, working mostly with MM1200 2″  tape, and eventually found his home as a mastering engineer.  Originally from the great music city of Columbus, Ohio he works out of Los Angeles and is now a Mastering Engineer doing every style, and best known for multiple certified Platinum sellers, Grammy winners and Aria (AUS) winners.

Best known for The Black Keys “Brothers”, “El Camino”, “Turn Blue” as well as Arctic Monkeys “AM”, Dr John “Locked Down” and Marilyn Manson “The Pale Emperor.” Brian masters nearly 2000 songs a year in every style. His unique sense of musicality and emphasis on intimacy and service to music, connects each artist with their core audience and expands their appeal to the widest possible audience.

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