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Tim Mudd President/ Prime MinisterSDSG President / Prime Minister Tim Mudd

Recently I’ve had the good fortune of being asked to speak at a couple of music oriented conferences. How did this happen? I put myself out there.

I joined the San Diego Songwriter’s Guild in July last year and entered the annual songwriting contest. I met Diane Waters. She suggested I may like to consider taking reigns as President. In January, through the Guild, I met Jim Attebury. He invited me to the Durango Songwriter’s Expo where I spoke on social media. At Durango I met Russ Dixon, Director of Utah’s Soundcheck Expo, where I was invited up to Sundance where I spoke on the business of being “Independent” in April.

In the course of those three key interactions over the last six months, I have, of course, met many other interesting and valuable people. My point is that I would not have experienced any of that had I not made the decision to expose myself to every possible avenue for my songwriting. During our April event, Josquin des Pres stressed the importance of socializing within your community, grasping opportunities and stepping through doors that are opened for you. Consider the San Diego Songwriter’s Guild as your concierge to this world.

Our May event is what we’re billing as “Power Night.” We’ll kick-off with a short presentation by Guild vice president Kevin Thomas who hopes to open your eyes to the very real possibility of growing our local songwriting community as a whole by combining our strengths and supporting each others’ careers and music oriented businesses. A great example of that will come in the form of our next speaker, Tiamo, who will attempt to guide you away from possibly false notions of self-perception and toward discovering your true value as a writer and artist. To round-out our dynamic trio, renowned local producer Jeff McCullough will host an exclusive pitch session for our members. How awesome is THAT?! If you do nothing else this month for your creative side, make sure to make our songwriting Power Night your one excuse to grow.

Now, if you’re looking for a reason to really socialize (ahem, “party”), don’t miss out on our June 23 event, being held at Rancho Bohemia, the home and studio of Mark and Barby Hattersley. The Hattersleys and Club Bohemia Studios have graciously opened their digs to our renegade band of SDSG rebels (sorry, I’ve watched WAY too much Sons Of Anarchy recently) for what can only be considered, and will go down in infamy, as the musical soiree of the season. We’ll be starting at about 3PM and will go until all is blue. Don’t forget to bring your axe and join in our open mic-style musical showcase of “Stars Under The Stars.” Please RSVP with an email to Be sure to let us know if you would like to perform, too.

“But Tim,” I hear you say, “This all sounds so fantastic, I can’t imagine things could get any better?!” Well, let me tell you – it can. You may not be aware that 2012 is the Thirtieth Anniversary of the San Diego Songwriter’s Guild (yes, I was three years old when it was founded, laugh it up), and as such we’re offering a special membership rate of $30 for the year – that’s 40% off our current annual membership price. We charge non-members $10 for our monthly events, and only members can pitch songs to SDSG guests, so I can’t tell what a great deal this is. It’s like getting nine months worth of events completely free! I don’t know about you, but I love a good bargain. Our $30 Thirtieth Anniversary special will be valid until September 30th, 2012, so if you or someone you know has been thinking of joining or are getting close to your renewal date, jump on this offer before we resume our standard annual membership price of $50 in October.

Moving in to July, I will be taking that month off to attend to the small matter of getting married, and I understand we typically take August to break for the summer. But fear not! We will be back in full force come September with a fall and winter schedule jam-packed with more opportunities for you to learn and grow your craft.

Be well, enjoy writing and I’ll look forward to seeing you at Power Night on May 21st.


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