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Look at you! You’re the latest addition to the San Diego Songwriter’s Guild (SDSG), and you should be felling pretty special right now.  I mean, we’re ecstatic to add you to our roster of members, but we’re excited for you and all the wonderful opportunities that lay ahead…  You can say goodbye to all those long days and nights of toiling away, writing songs alone and say “Welcome!” to a wealth of information and experience to help you grow and build your craft exactly as you’d like.

You’re going to meet other songwriters with whom you could form prosperous co-writing partnerships; have multiple changes every year to pitch your songs to industry professionals and music supervisors; discover tools and secrets in the publishing, business, legal and marketing corners of the music industry arena and even have a chance to win fabulous prizes in our annual songwriting competition.

Make sure you keep us in the loop if your contact information ever changes, as we would hate for you to miss a copy of our newsletter that’s jam-packed with useful tips, tricks and stories that will doubtless help you build your story as a songwriter.  We like to communicate by email, it’s also the quickest way we can let you know about any last-minute opportunities that we just didn’t have time to plan for as the music industry can be like that sometimes.

Visit this website often to keep up-to-date 24/7.  And if you are of the social nature within the Interwebs and can’t live without a Tweet or status update of some description, make sure you follow @sdsongguild on Twitter and become a fan of the San Diego Songwriter’s Guild on Facebook at

Go to this link right now to get on the Member Email List so we can keep you up to date with news and events.

Most importantly though, never forget that we only exist to help you. Our ears are always open to your thoughts, comments, suggestions and critiques.  We can only grow with your input; growth that will continue the rich legacy of SDSG within the communities of San Diego county and beyond.

On behalf of the entire SDSG board members and volunteers who keep this organization running,  It is an absolute pleasure to have you within our ranks.  Be loud, be present.  We look forward to seeing you at our next event.


San Diego Songwriter’s Guild

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  1. October 8, 2012 at 12:03 am

    Thank you SDSG!

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