A Letter from Incoming SDSG President Tim Mudd

I’ve been feeling a little bit like Robert California recently. For those of you who don’t watch NBC’s Thurs­day night sitcom The Office, allow me to elaborate:

Earlier this year, when Steve Carell departed the series that made him a star, an in-house committee was formed to find a suitable replacement for his role as Michael Scott, Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton, PA Branch Manager. The interview process produced a few famous cameos. But, the candidate who impressed, and terrified, the hiring committee the most was Robert California played brilliantly by James Spader.

On his first day Robert California walked into the reception area of his new office and took a steady look at the workers before him. Without saying a word, he promptly turned around, got in his car and drove to Tallahassee, FL where he talked the CEO of Dunder Mifflin’s parent company out of her job; a position he then assumed and continues to fill to this day.

While my previous experience should not be discounted; I only joined SDSG in July of 2011. I entered the November Song Contest. One conversation led to another. Just under a month later I’m sitting here writ­ing my inaugural entry as incoming President for the monthly newsletter. How very “Robert California” of me.

I would hope, however, that my similarities with James Spader’s characterization of a mind-game play­ing mentor with a creepy tendency of staring into the souls of others end there. I am humbled by the honor of assuming Presidential duties for SDSG and excited to work closely with the existing team, and board members, to grow the Guild’s relevance within the community.

Ultimately, the achievement of this mandate will have little to do with me. The success of any group is gained from the sum of its parts. In this case that means you. If you didn’t feel this way, you wouldn’t pay your membership dues every year, nor would you participate in any of our fantastic events. You’re part of this organization for a reason. I want to make sure you get the most for your money, time, and energy.

My first and ongoing order of business will be to listen to you. I’m not just talking about your music. What do you like about the Guild? What do you feel could be improved upon? And, most importantly, do you have ideas to help us grow? If you want to roll-up your sleeves and get more involved I, indeed all of us on the board, would welcome it. Send an email or come and chat at one of our many events. Our ears are always open. Naturally, we’re songwriters. Let’s resolve to start the new year with two-way open-communication that will create a year of success for us all.

I wish you and yours the happiest and safest Holiday season and look forward to getting to know all of you in 2012

Warmest regards

Tim Mudd

Tim Mudd is a singer, guitarist and songwriter from the south-east of England. Having moved to southern California in his early twenties, he spent the following decade honing his craft between his formative band and solo ventures that found him touring through North America and Europe. During this time he also solidified his reputation as a seasoned open mic host, competition judge and in 2010 was Arbitron rated #1 at night as an on-air personality for KyXy 96.5FM.year with two-way open-com­munication that will create a year Most recently, the majority of Tim’s creative output has laid with the of success for us all. Americana group For Strangers & Wardens, which he co-founded with Wisconsin native Cody Williams. Besides his musical work, Tim is also an accomplished writer, designer, voice-over artist and journalist of his local music community. Every now and again, he also enjoys taking the odd photograph.

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