Our organization encourages the participation of volunteers who support our mission. If you agree with our mission and are willing to be interviewed and trained in our procedures, we encourage you to contact us via the form below. The information on this form will help us find the most satisfying and appropriate volunteer opportunity for you.

Volunteer is a great way of meeting other members and helps our volunteer-run organization.

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I am interested in volunteering. Please contact me with information about the following (check all that apply):

Help at SDSG Events

Get or suggest music industry guests

Locating and securing sponsors

Newsletter content

Membership records




Song contest

Grant writing

Member communications



Board member


Please provide detail regarding how you can help our organization

Note: SDSG is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation with no paid employees. It is operated on a break-even budget by a volunteer board of directors. Revenues are used to conduct seminars, rent meeting facilities, cover travel expenses for industry guests, maintain the web site, and publish and distribute the SDSG newsletter.


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