San Diego Songwriter’s Guild (SDSG)  is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization that offers:

  • Networking – meet publishers, guild members, and other people in the music industry. Share information on what works and what doesn’t. Trade skills with other musicians.
  • Pitch sessions – publishers, artists, or Artists and Repertoire (A&R) reps listen to your songs for possible inclusion in their projects.
  • Songwriting improvement – pitch and critique sessions provide invaluable feedback on improving your songwriting.
  • Industry speakers – industry personnel provide information and answer questions.
  • Live showcases – for those that perform, shows at coffeehouses and other events help hone your performing skills.
  • Newsletters – available at our web-site or mailed to your house to keep you informed of guild events.
  • Collaborators – Meet other songwriters and create new songs together.
  • Contest – yearly songwriting contest with thousands of dollars in prizes.
  • Tax deduction – we’re non-profit, so you can deduct any fees paid to the guild at tax time. Save those receipts!

SDSG’s  goal is to stimulate both the craft and business of writing songs. SDSG is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization. The guild was formed in 1982 by Palomar Community College songwriting instructor Dottie Beck and seventeen of her students. Dottie’s goal was to provide education and support for those interested in pursuing the craft of songwriting.

The Guild has developed into an important asset for local writers and artists. It is the only organization in the World’s Finest City to regularly schedule pitch sessions and educational seminars with industry professionals. SDSG serves our artist-writer community by sponsoring performances at local venues, seminars at professional recording studios, and our annual song contest.

It is the number one resource for San Diegan’s interested in achieving commercial success as songwriters. SDSG serves its community by sponsoring charity concerts and by offering services at reduced rates to interested students. The Guild offers members the opportunity to meet and share ideas with fellow writers and performers. Our membership includes men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Supported jointly by members and local business, the Guild is proud to list San Diego’s leading music industry merchants and service providers as corporate sponsors.

The Guild’s mission is to assist its members and interested public in the advancement of songwriting skills through educational programs, and to expose original songs to the recording, television and motion picture industries via pitch sessions with entertainment professionals. It is the Guild’s aim to stimulate both the craft and the business of songwriting by serving published and unpublished writers working in all popular musical styles. We sincerely appreciate your support for, and involvement in your premier industry resource, the San Diego Songwriters Guild.